When was the last time a book took you in its arms And rocked You gently?

Written to touch hearts and souls – a collection of unique love stories between seniors, between generations and even between species. 

“Envelops me with peaceful waves of calm.” Christine E/Chicago
“Incredibly awesome stories that truly touch your heart, spirit and soul! Janet M/Las Vegas
“A balm to soothe the lonely soul.” Diane K/Boulder




They told my mother to get out and walk a little.

Every day.

She didn’t.

Good genes kept her going for 86 years but I still wonder, if she’d gotten out and walked a little every day, how many more times would I have been able to send roses on her birthday?

I suppose, if life runs in some sort of chronological circle, then once your parents are gone, you’re next in line. Like everyone who came before you, you have a choice … get old, sit still and curl up at the edges like something left too long in the sun or get out and walk a little.

Every day.

Walk in the morning. Watch the sun begin to pull the day from the night. I have never seen a sunrise that did not fill me with awe and hope, make me feel insignificant one moment and grateful that I am part of a Master plan the next.  

Walk in the morning. Spend the time sorting things out in your mind.

Or just listen to the quiet. 

According to a study by Dr James Brown of the world-class Aston University in Birmingham, England, walking for just 30 minutes a day can protect against obesity, type 2 diabetes, reduce the risk of some cancers and combat depression. It can also slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, protect cognitive function, cut arthritic pain by half, boost energy levels, and slash the risk of dying by 23%. Hip fractures, a possibility you have to live with as you age, were reduced 40% by walking just 30 minutes per day.

Walk a little later, around Brunch Time, the perfect time to listen - with your imagination - to the caterpillars, busy munching and brunching on gourmet leaves and grasses as you walk by. Listen - to birds of every feather gathered on every branch of every tree to sing for joy of things only birds know of.  Listen - with your imagination - to the clouds giggle as they tumble into each other then harmlessly bounce away – a game only clouds can play. 

Or just listen to your own hopes and dreams reminding you that nothing is impossible and it’s never too late.

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that touch your heart, spirit and soul! I am going to use a word I just learned today to describe my reaction ... uputdownable."
Janet M/Las Vegas

to soothe the lonely soul." 

Diane K/Boulder


with peaceful waves of calm."

​Christine E/Chicago