When was the last time a book took you in its arms And rocked You gently?

Written to touch hearts and souls – a collection of unique love stories between seniors, between generations and even between species. 

“Envelops me with peaceful waves of calm.” Christine E/Chicago
“Incredibly awesome stories that truly touch your heart, spirit and soul! Janet M/Las Vegas
“A balm to soothe the lonely soul.” Diane K/Boulder




I loved going to My grandmother’s house. It was A fantasyland. Everything smelled Good, everything tasted good, everything In the world that was good was in that house, that Never Never Land where nothing could Ever go wrong. And then it all went wrong. Who expects Alzheimer’s? Or dementia? I mean, in the grand order of things, isn’t one’s Ripe old age supposed to be ripe with a Lifetime of memories? A “those were the Days, my friend We thought they’d never end” scrapbook of moments etched Into our minds, forever at our service, available any Time we choose to call upon them? How better to dance through the golden years than to the song of our Own life?
 And how Unusually tragic to suddenly forget the words To that song.

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that touch your heart, spirit and soul! I am going to use a word I just learned today to describe my reaction ... uputdownable."
Janet M/Las Vegas

to soothe the lonely soul." 

Diane K/Boulder


with peaceful waves of calm."

​Christine E/Chicago