This Book Will Take You In Its Arms And Rock You Gently

Written to touch hearts and souls – a collection of unique love stories between seniors, between generations and even between species. 

“Envelops me with peaceful waves of calm.” Christine E/Chicago

“Incredibly awesome stories that truly touch your heart, spirit and soul! Janet M/Las Vegas
“A balm to soothe the lonely soul.” Diane K/Boulder


There are more than 65 million caregivers in the United States who care enough to read to a senior.
This book is for every one of you.

There are too many millions of elderly women and men looking for an escape from the loss and loneliness of growing old alone.
This book is for every one of you.

that touch your heart, spirit and soul! I am going to use a word I just learned today to describe my reaction ... unputdownable."
Janet M/Las Vegas

to soothe the lonely soul." 

Diane K/Boulder


with peaceful waves of calm."

​Christine E/Chicago


    In  the summer of 1924, Stanley Kowalski was a bicycle messenger, an urban road warrior, free-wheeling his way around Chicago with the wind in his face and the world in his pocket.  

    “I made an express delivery for Al Capone once. He gave me $100 tip!”

    Those were the days. He thought they’d never end. Neither did Capone.

    On June 5, 1931, Al Capone was arrested and sent to prison for tax evasion. On August 8, 1992, Stanley Kowalski was arrested for driving his Ford Ranger the wrong way on the wrong side of US60 just outside of Apache Junction, Arizona. At the time of their arrest both men were showing signs of dementia.

    Nobody cared much about Al Capone but a lot of people wanted to know what an 83-year old man showing signs of dementia was doing behind the wheel of any vehicle.

    Stanley’s license was taken away.  

    Statistics on the AAA website show that just 13 years from now, more than 60 million seniors (65 and older) will still have their driver’s license. 

    A lot of them should not be driving. 

    You know where this is going. 
    When is it time to stop driving?

    Or  - when is it time to pry the car keys from their hand and take away a senior’s last grip on freedom?

    There are seniors - a lot of them - that think they can still drive but know in their heart that if they look in the rear view mirror they will see signs of old age telling them to turn in their keys. 

    Is that you?

Is a stiff neck or an unyielding spine making it tougher to turn and check for what’s behind you or beside you when you’re backing out of a parking spot or changing lanes? 

    How sharp are your reflexes when you have to brake in a hurry? 

    Do you hit the brake when you think you’re hitting the gas? Or hit the gas when you think you’re hitting the brake? 

    How’s your hearing? 
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