When was the last time a book took you in its arms And rocked You gently?

Written to touch hearts and souls – a collection of unique love stories between seniors, between generations and even between species. 

“Envelops me with peaceful waves of calm.” Christine E/Chicago
“Incredibly awesome stories that truly touch your heart, spirit and soul! Janet M/Las Vegas
“A balm to soothe the lonely soul.” Diane K/Boulder




The beginning …

"I am 67 years old, sleeping once again in the house I was raised in, caring for my 92-year old father who has Alzheimer's. My husband, children and grandchild live in another state, without me. People say this is the responsible thing to do. So I carry on each day, cooking, cleaning and handling the perpetual emergencies. One step at a time; one more day." 

The middle …

"The days turn into years. This is my life's sentence and one I had not planned. I just want this to end and it seems hopeless. I am giving up. I no longer respect life in the end. The cost is too much for everyone. Do I give another 6 years? I have missed all these years without my grandchild. I'll never have those years back again. I'm giving up."

The end?

"My Dad passed away. For years he was my life focus and these many months later I feel at loose ends and not like I used to be. I left his home and returned to California. I'm trying to get back to “me” the woman I've always been - a forever young, never gonna die, optimistic, silly wanna be hippie from the 60's. But I don't believe I am her anymore. The experiences with Dad have forever altered me."

Nobody said it was fair. 

And it isn’t.

Nobody said it would be easy.

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that touch your heart, spirit and soul! I am going to use a word I just learned today to describe my reaction ... uputdownable."
Janet M/Las Vegas

to soothe the lonely soul." 

Diane K/Boulder


with peaceful waves of calm."

​Christine E/Chicago