This Book Will Take You In Its Arms And Rock You Gently

Written to touch hearts and souls – a collection of unique love stories between seniors, between generations and even between species. 

“Envelops me with peaceful waves of calm.” Christine E/Chicago

“Incredibly awesome stories that truly touch your heart, spirit and soul! Janet M/Las Vegas
“A balm to soothe the lonely soul.” Diane K/Boulder


There are more than 65 million caregivers in the United States who care enough to read to a senior.
This book is for every one of you.

There are too many millions of elderly women and men looking for an escape from the loss and loneliness of growing old alone.
This book is for every one of you.

that touch your heart, spirit and soul! I am going to use a word I just learned today to describe my reaction ... unputdownable."
Janet M/Las Vegas

to soothe the lonely soul." 

Diane K/Boulder


with peaceful waves of calm."

​Christine E/Chicago


Little things I should have said and done
I just never took the time
But you were always on my mind
You were always on my mind
                    Willie Nelson

        This is for the old man who wanted, throughout his life, to be a romantic but didn’t know how. 

    They met, Colin and Julie, shortly before they were born

        Thus begins Mildred Cram’s book, Forever, about a love that was longer than life and stronger than death. It isn’t a big book- maybe 60 pages  - so it can be read in half an hour. 

    And that’s what William does.

    William has been reading Forever to Donna forever - at least once a week every week for nearly 50 years, always replacing “Colin and Julie” with “William and Donna”. 

    A ritual.

    “Reading the book is not the ritual,” William says over his shoulder as he disappears into the bedroom, returning a minute later carrying a framed, handwritten note.

    “I met her in ’67. First date - I took her to see a movie, To Sir With Love. She couldn’t take her eyes off the screen, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Next morning, I woke up thinkin’ about her, lay back in bed awhile and ended up bein’ late for work. I wrote this …”

    I wake up in the morning, I think of you and smile. I know the day is waiting but the day can wait awhile.

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