How many times have you told your story and heard someone say, "That's a great story! Write it down!" or "That's really important. You need to write it down  - keep it in the family for generations to come."

Now's the time to write it but write it right ... from the heart.

This 1-hour workshop will inspire you, motivate you and educate you on how to write from the heart. There are writing tips - 41 of them - from successful writers all over the globe ...

Use the mini-skirt rule. Make it long enough to cover everything but short enough to make it interesting.

There are six simple writing exercises that will get you pumped up for emotional writing ...

Write about the ocean as though you love it. Turn the paper over and write about the ocean as though you hate it. Example: Two people looking out at the ocean. One met the love of their life on a cruise ship. On the other side of the paper, a person who lost the love of their life in a storm at sea.

You'll learn how and why you are different than everyone else and why your story is as unique as you are. You'll learn how to stop procrastinating, how to get rid of writer's block, where to find ideas, how to find your writer's "voice", how to motivate yourself to finally get your story out of your head and onto the paper ... with a whole lot of heart.

Writing From the Heart is a workshop for seniors, available at no charge from William McDonald, one of the most successful emotional communicators in the country. Contact William at [email protected] for details on how to book the workshop for your seniors.